The process of clinical islet transplantation for the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Dr. Richard Berkson Participates in Annual St. Mary Diabetes Walkathon

On Saturday, November 10, 2012, Dr. Richard Berkson and his family participated in the 2nd Annual St. Mary Medical Center Diabetes Walkathon at Poly High School's track field. The goal of the walk was to raise money to help people with diabetes, with proceeds benefitting the St. Mary Outpatient Diabetes Program.

St. Mary Medical Center Diabetes Outreach Program

St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach offers a multi-disciplinary diabetes outreach program to help patients manage their diabetes. A certified team of practitioners help patients create a custom meal and exercise plan and advice on their medications. The outreach program is officially recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and offers individual and group classes in both English and Spanish. Please see below for welcome video.

Dr. Berkson Interviewed by Long Beach Press Telegram

Joe Segura from the Long Beach Press Telegram interviewed Dr. Berkson about the importance of early detection for diabetes, and about the variety of free diabetes screening and education programs offered by St. Mary Medical Center during November's Diabetes Month. "The keys are education and a good attitude," said Dr. Berkson. To view article please click here.

Dr. Richard Berkson Lectures at Diabetes Expo in Los Angeles

On Saturday, March 17, 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the ADA held its popular Diabetes Expo, a free event to the public providing diabetes education, health screenings and cooking demonstrations from experts in the field. Dr. Richard Berkson with his family and colleagues exhibited at their booth "Endocrinology Team." Dr. Berkson gave a lecture called "The Good Life With Diabetes", in which he highlighted the many advancements in the field of diabetes that have enabled patients to live longer, happier lives than ever before. He also started a program called "Diabetes All Stars", a group of highly motivated patients who gave testimonials on how they have successfully controlled their diabetes while living full, active lives.

Local Radio Station Gives Shout Out to Dr. Richard Berkson

DJ Sylvia Aimerito of the popular Long Beach radio station KEARTH gives shout out to Dr. Berkson and his team on her radio program.

Dr. Berkson Guest Speaker at International Diabetes Meeting

On Friday, February 27, 2009 an international symposium on the effect of metabolic/bariatric surgery was hosted by Dr. Mal Fobi at St. Mary Medical Center. Dr. Berkson spoke on the current management of diabetes in the United States.

The highlights of his speech included the five classes of oral agents and three classes of injectable drugs including insulin which are available for diabetes care. His speech emphasized the fact that though diabetes is becoming more common (29 million diabetics in the U.S.), patients with diabetes who take care of themselves can live a long, healthy,and productive life. Dr. Berkson’s speech included comments on new advances such as islet cell transplants, U500 insulin, and the use of C-peptide as a management tool.

Other speakers discussed many aspects of the surgical approach to treating diabetes. Comments were made about hormones ghrelin, glp1, and gip and their effects on obesity. Whether it be the lapband or GI bypass, in either case diabetes seemed to improve in the short term. Five year statistics were also promising but longer term success is still not proven. The surgery seemed to do most for the very obese (BMI greater than 40).

One interesting speaker from India pointed out that in that country there are 40 million people with diabetes. His research suggested that adiposity rather than obesity was associated with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and premature coronary artery disease in India. He did bypass surgery on those with high body fat and diabetes with the risk factors mentioned above. After one year the diabetics were significantly improved and needed much less medication.