How do I Dispose of My Pen Needles, Lancets, and Syringes?

Questions and answers by Krista Yachechak, NP, CDE, Diabetes Educator in Dr. Berkson’s office

Since September 1, the new state law requires that sharps cannot be disposed of in the trash. You are required to dispose of them at hazardous waste sites. This includes pen needles, lancets, syringes, and needles. Some Goodwill stores distribute sharps containers for free. Specific containers may be purchased at pharmacies or medical supply stores. There is a mail-in site that allows you to purchase containers and mail them back for a fee.

Some cities still allow you to put sharps in puncture resistant and leak proof containers, when full close lid tightly, seal with duct tape, and mark the container clearly “SHARPS”. It must be deposited at a hazardous waste site. Check with your city for locations near you.